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              How to maximize the potential of marketing agility

              Researchers from University of South Carolina, Singapore Management University, George Mason University, National University of Singapore, and University of Illinois—Chicago published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing ...

              Losing the American Dream

              As many Americans struggle to pay their bills, keeping up with mortgage payments can be daunting with the risk of losing one's home. The challenges to retain a home are stratified along racial differences. Black homeowners ...

              Dissecting colloidal glasses using laser as a lancet

              Bo Li and Kai Kou, Research Fellows of IBS Center for Soft and Living Matter, together with Walter Kob, Professor of University of Montpellier and Institute Universitaire de France, and Steve Granick, Director of the IBS ...

              Studies detail impact of mammal species decline in Neotropics

              Mammal defaunation—the loss of mammals to extinction, extirpation and population decline—in the Neotropics and its adverse effects is the focus for two scientific papers produced recently by a group of scientists led ...

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